Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Binary options , "The singapore method" scam review

Hey everyone ! This blog is so dead. I have not been blogging since then. But today , i would like to remind all of you of this binary options "the singapore method" scams , that i have just got myself into. Please beware this is is a SCAM. As dated 21/06/2016.

Earlier today , i was browsing through my twitter and i came across an interesting ad. This ad tells me that , i can make money through trading , and it's call the singapore method. And i can set my account for free. I have read that i can get $125 for free and make millions of money while trading. I was blinded by the cost , and i sign up for the trade by giving only my name , phone number and email address. After which , i ignored it much. Sometime in the later part in the afternoon , i received a call from +442037690411 and it was from london as my phone dectected the country. I did not answer the call , as i knew it was from the trader. I ignored it a few times and put into my reject list callers. Soon another number called me again , which is from +44 also. Again i rejected. They have tried to call me 7 times in a row. In the end , they managed to get hold of me by calling from my country code which is +6531590749. I answered the phone tho. I could guess that the person whom is a guy tried to sweet talk to me about the trade. He told me that he was from the UK and so on. But i didn't actually quite believed his words. I told him , to cancelled everything that i have sign up for....but he convinced me that he could give me $125 but not in SGD but in USD for free with no hidden cost. I wasn't up for this anyways. He also persuaded me to give him my credit/debit card initials....which i blindly gave in. I realised that all this was a scam , until my conversation with him was cut off while he was asking me to wait.
I immediately googled all possible facts and i realised it was a scam. I went up to the police immediately after that. I did told the officer what happened and upon advising he told me to call my bank and cancelled all transcations that was made through my credit/debit card. I was relieved that no transcations have been made , because my credit card has insufficient amount in it. Thank god. pheew. I didn't make any police report because i think it wasn't nessasery for me to do that.


I would like to remind all people out there , please do not fall prey to this scam and if you do give any info out like me , i would advise call your bank immediately to cancelled all transactions. And if there's possible make a police report. Don't be like me. But i was smart enough to go to the police to seek advise.

Thank you for reading ! You're most welcome to share my article with your friends ! And do not hesitate to comment if you're also been scam at this website.

Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm back ! It's been a long time never update my blog...

Hello peeps !

It's been a long time since i update this blog. It's already april 2016. Goodness. Things have changed. I wanted to delete this blog , but i felt it is a waste. I've been writing in my blog , since i was in secondary school.

Many things had happened in my life. Ya allah.
I have came back from umrah last december for the 2nd time. Alhamdullilah.
It's been a humid weather in singapore. But it rains at times. I miss the rain.
Rain when are you going to come down....
Ehh before that , in another 2 months time...it's gonna be ramadan already.
Cepatnya masa berlalu. I felt that 2016 really flies that fast.
Couldn't say much.
Anyways , i was thinking of deleting my instagram account. And just used twitter.
I'm so lazy to used any of the social media platfrom these days.
ok la , i continue later in the afternoon aites.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Umrah 2015 , Tanah suci Mekkah !

Umrah 2015
Syukur alhamdullilah , i got to do umrah last month on 15th march 2015.
Kota madinah is fabulous. Masjid nabawi , the grand mosque. That is where makam rasullulah saw is being buried. I cried when i did raudah. People were pushing each other and i couldn't get in. But alhamdullilah , i managed to squeeze in. It was so emotional that in every of my prayer's i cried. I did some shopping in madinah too. We stayed in madinah for 3 days , before we proceed to mekkah. I step my foot in mekkah , i felt proud. It was nearly 12am , when we did tawaf umrah. Ngantuk tu memang ada lah , but we have to stay strong. insya'allah. I managed to pull through. Although i had a backpain. subbahanallah. During my stay in mekkah , i pray to Allah that all my prayer's would be answered. Alhamdullilah. I miss Tanah suci now.
Ya allah , i wish to go to umrah again and visit your kaa'bah. And pray infront of it. (':

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photo's blooming. This is how , I have grown up. I'm 22 years old coming to 23 this year. Once's again , ibu is not around with me. But I know , she is somewhere over the rainbow , watching me from above. Love you ibu.
Anyways , lets get back to me. See that purple dress I wore ? I recently bought it online. On a Malaysian website. They have plus size dresses. I really love the design. Many too choose from. But the shipping is not free. I have ordered with them for a couple of times , and the shipping is really very fast. It arrived within 2 days. I don't know why i fancy wearing dresses nowadays. I looks great on me. :D Having much to say . maybe one day i will order with them again. Online shopping , really ?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello bloggers ,

It's really been a long time , since I ever update my blog. It's been dead for months and ages. Now it's already the year of 2015. I don't know why I stopped blogging since then. Life has been doing good. Yeah , mostly during my down days....job rejection and etc. I have just recently resigned from my job as a retail assistant at guardian because I couldn't cope with the job. I was really hopping that the cable car crew will accept me back in their line , but they eventually died on me. I don't know what eles to say , but alhamdullilah...I have gotten a new job as a assistant childcare teacher. I will start next month. Hopefully this job , last till months. I am really tired of all this. Job hopping and all. So , lets hope that I will be given a new chance to start afresh and please have faith in me. In syaa allah I will give and do my best. oh ya ! I am going for umrah this year in march. :D

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bukan kerana aku tak cinta drama & book


BUKAN KERANA AKU TAK CINTA ATAU #BKATC....cerita dia best giler. dekat sensasi. 60 episode. I am reading the book and watching the show as well. The book is awesome sey. Rugi kalau tak baca. Cinta jebat and mas. so sweet.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Milo ice blended Recipe !

Holla !

let me tell you something. Whenever my dad isn't around at home , I always like to try out some milkshakes and I love to bake too ! So today I came out , with some milkshake and I have successfully make it ! Ok , here's what I did today.
Milo ice blended !
Ingredients :
4 scoops of milo
1 cup of milk
2 scoops of sweetened milk
4 ice cubes
Methods :
Just mix all ingredients inside the blender and blend ! =)
Super delicious !!
Happy trying out !