Tuesday, June 22, 2010

24/06/2010..my whole life will changed forever..

This is the day that will changed my whole life forever..I couldnt noticed the surroundings that will changed my entire life forever..and ever. Things will not be the same anymore like last time. I would be totally a different person. My facial expression..my emotions..all changed. I will be more nicer in terms of attitude..eat less work more. haha. I will wake up as early as 530am to cook breakfast. I will take care of my niece. But i'm still very lazy! Haizz! Watch tv,read newspaper,listen to the news..help mum to cook. chit chat on the phone..for long hours..sms for as long as i want..waste water..go crazy for as long as i want..Laugh for as long as i want..and it continues..bahahaha..

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