Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello all :D

Today is the mad day ever.
I slept until 930am. Wake up..
Then,bath. Then get ready to go out.
Go where? Counselling. Bahahaha..
Something happened there. It's my fault.
You know what? I just arrived there and
the staff there asked me to self-register.
So i did. After that,i got the number,and i
sit down. After that,i waited so long for my turn.
But out of the blue,after long hours of waiting,we went to the
counter. The staff there said,there is no Number "8010" bahaha..
Then after that must wait,for another hour. Then,finally get to see doctor!
Doctor,precribe me medicine. Die2..must take. err...then,dad n me go tekka.
For what? Eat lor..Actually,i hated tekka. Not because got many Indians..
Its cause of the smell polution! Smell of beef! I hated that smell. True. Hehe..

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