Friday, June 18, 2010

LiFe TodaY..

Today is daddy's birthday! Yeah! We going to eat outside for dinner later at 6pm! But now,i'm alone at home. Mum&dad is out to JB..I'm the only one left. My bro went out also. But don't know where he go.Hahaha. Daddy is turning 60 fast. Next year is my turn. 19 july. My bday date. I'm turning 18. Fast uh..Actually i'm not ready to turn 18 yet. But what to do,life had to go on..meow...

Woah..ysdt i dreamt of him sey..again! I wander why leh..dreaming of the same person aagin?
Who is that guy in my dream last night? He address his name as IRFAN. haha. Who sia? I don't know any guy whose name by IRFAN. Neither i know him. Hmm..why did he come to my dream last night? What he wants from me? Haizz..i don't know lah..looking back at my memories when i was small,i'm a quite cheeky person! Hehehe. Hmm..i cried when i go to school. Muahaha..aiyah! I'm still small mah..Now u look at me also,you want to faint! Hey! I've to go! byes!

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