Friday, July 30, 2010

July going to end,and august is coming up that means National day for the nation and fasting month is coming!!

The Nation bday is coming up.
Today is the 31/07/10. Tmr is 1/08/10!
Alamak! that is really fast.
I havent yet ready for fasting month.
11/08/10 is wed and its the first day of fasting month.
Yea! Mum say she's going to throw some unwanted stuff.
All from the upboard. Yea..i'm throwing some if my stuff also.
Time to say goodbye to my stuff. The rubbish bin is ur new *friend* now.!
hehe. My books have been donated to the library. Yes! Then clean uo some of the unwanted items from the house. Help my mum to cook,and clean up some stuffs.
Then pray. This years baju kurung is pink in colour. My whole family is wearing pink
this year. I have 2 baju kurung this year. Haiz..
I just dont feel like want to hari raya leh...
Then my auntys all will come to my house leh..
But the most important is DUIT RAYA!! haha

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