Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good evening princesses!
Today i went out with my sister,
to sengkang compass point. We
go to bossini and buy my shirt.
Then we go to popular to buy something
I wanted to buy a book,for myself but i've
no idea of what books that is interesting to read.
Anyone recommend me a book please?..
I wanted to buy a book,but its to expensive and
my badget is below $14. I wanted to buy the book called
"My world of life"...
But it cost $18.90. Then i look at other books
i feel like buying all. I actually was finding TSGS book 20.
But i cant find. I was looking high and low for it. But no avail.
Then,i gave up not to buy anything.
So what we do next was to visit kiddy palace. We bought something there.
For my niece. yeah..foods.
Then we go to shop and save to buy some fruits and other stuff.
And guess what? My niece had been sleeping already.
I wanted to buy incredible tales,but it is to expensive. $29.90
Haiz..Then after that we go home. At home,i slept awhile.
Cause i'm very tired. And i woke up and watch tv. Bath. And soon,my dad
come over and brought us food for buka. And eating time!
And we actually didnt eat the food that was buy at johor. We only eat mee goreng and macdonal's. The other food,we throw away. Now,i'm updating my blog,and chatting at Msn.
hehe..and watching HSM2..
ok la..g2g byes.. :D

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