Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello world!
Just updating my blogger again..
I'm so bored..
I'm so hungry...
Waiting for buka time..
is like waiting for so long..
Ok now left with one hour to go..
And i will be so happy to breakfast with my sister
and my family..
Hmm..what's for buka ar?..
My sis is buying buka..
Mum everyday not cooking..
so we have to eat outside food leh..
Its not healthy to eat outside food everyday...
I want home cook food!
But mummy is sick sey..

Camp rock is starting back!
I want to watch! But must wait..
till september 5. Disney channel!
Ok..who's free on september 3?..
I want to watch movie. Haunted changi!
Anyone who is free,please text me k..
Or email me..thanks

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