Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hey! Today is sun. I wish i could be outside and enjoy my day with my friends.
I wanted to go geylang,but again i already go there yesterday. So packed with people.
I love going geylang because i can buy things there. But at my limits only la..
It was fun there,but it produce alot of smoke. For the kebab stall and the chicken stall.
But,dad asked to go tekka. Hmmfp! I hated indian man! Yesterday,it was packed with people at tekka also. We buy nasi berayani,tosai masalah and wadeh. haha. B ut end up not eating them cause i'm too full already. Then we proceed home.! What's for buka?..
Might be following dad to buy buka later. Fun! But lazy wana go out. I never sahur yaknw..
Lazy to sahur. But still can endure la..But take time. My stomach will be growling also. haha..
This morning i woke up at 11pm. Cause i'm very tired. I bath also like tak mandi! ahaha..I felt so weak sey..then after for awhile then i'm back to strength! hehes..

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