Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm back! From counselling & back from geylang a few hours ago. Dad & me go to geylang just now to buy Durians. After that buy banana. Then,go home. Upon reaching home,i took a shower and damn it i was so hungry! But,i have to wait for someone before i could really eat. That someone is my sister. I must wait for her larhs. Since we always eat together. So i decided to wait for her. And finally she's home! And i was really2 very hungry,i eat first. Mummy cook curry chicken & vegetables and prawns. Yummy. After that we eat durians. Nice. Then eat goreng pisang. What the fish?..By the time i eat the goreng pisang,i was so full! OK now,for the best part My niece had gone home. Finally!! I am so free,to do whatever i want! I'm going to watch tv at 9pm. Yeah. Shutting down the laptop soon already. Yeah. Watching channel 8.
No limits. hehe. Currently,im listening to the songs from Taylor swift. I like her voice so much. I'm a fan of her! Mostly i will sing her songs. :) Might be i like to be singer. One day,if i can. for now,i'm watching news. Boring! Nora wedding concepts will be next show to watch. hehe/ Last episode already. haizz..Ok peeps! Byes!

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