Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's the first day of fasting month! ;)

Today is the first day of fasting month. But sad to say i can't fast because of mine red light. yeah. But i fast ohkay! Until breakfast time. ahaha. I felt so weak. I take nap. And after that i do some art work. And that small little kid..was playing with my dad. And out of the blue,my dad wakes me up and asked to take care of her. Arrgh! I wish she's was sent to her ano ther grandma house. So tired entertaining her you know. And..Breakfast time! we go. I eat mee goreng,nasi,tosai masalah..and my stomach is going to burst. Seriously. I eat first and i drink water. Usually people will eat first and drink. But got terbalik. hahaa..but it was so fun.!i end up having a bloated stomach! Padan Muka aku. haha..

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