Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Monday again. Monday blues! I hated monday so much!
It's the beginning of the day and i feel so weirdo!
My niece is here again. Haizz..She's always full of nonsense larh!
Cry all time. yeah. But what could i do? She's only a little girl.
Fad up larhs! And i wanted to sleep longer enough also cannot!
Its because of her larh! I love her,but she's very irritating.
Come here and disturb me. You know how much i hate it? Want to sleep also cry!
Wake up from sleep also cry! Haiyoh! Pengsan larh! Then,if my mum happens to be in
the kitchen she will follow her to the kitchen. Then,she started to play at the kitchen as per usual. You know with what? "Onion"! arrgh!

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