Friday, August 13, 2010

This was unpredictable!
I've been at home for a long time.
I'm very bored. I just want to go out.
I'm obsess with the colour pink.
Yeee! This year's baju kurung will be in pink!
I think when i'm shifting house,i'll paint my room pink.
Then i will do my own arts work. hehe..
So what can i do for this ramadhan?...
Wait till dawn then i can breakfast.'s the best part! I finish my red light!
Yes! That means tmr i can start fasting already! Love it!
This is the one minute of glory that i've been waitting for!
I cant fast,on the first day of puase.
But now..its over. But..wait a moment!
I hungry already...
but must wait for another few more hours for buka!
Hmm..what a great day..
I'm home alone leh..
so boring...
later going to my aunty place to breakfast there.
And i will be seeing my aunt's! Woah..
its been so long time,since i never meet them. hehes..
so now..going to rest..and get ready! byes! :D

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