Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today did i know...
I have an appointment at SGH.
I supposed to for counselling sessions.
And i managed to meet my counseller and
chat with her. yea..
I did spend the time chatting about life to her.. and my dad when to geylang to buy
breakfast dinner.
So there goes..
On the motorbike...
My niece at home playing with my bro..
and when i reach home it is already past to 6pm.
And time to bath! Then i help to get the dishes ready
to eat. And wait till breakfast time la.
And there goes! Eating time!
After eat..i wanted to watch Fighting spiders..but
the tv shows Youth Olympic.?
Why is this YOG is so irritating?
I hope it end really soon.
haha curently watching channel 8 for now..
and now watching suria..
Janji diana...
I love chinese drama alot.
Hmm..but i'm 100%
I like malay shows.
So like many other people
they like other..shows..
Yawns..I'm sleepy..
time to sleep.
Nites world!

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