Sunday, August 1, 2010

when i heard a song,it reminds me of someone special..

Whenever i hear a song,it doesnt matter of what song is it whether it's english or malay,it will never fails to remind me of someone. I miss someone who have always been there for me,whenever i need of help or i'm down. That is my best friends. Since,we are not in the same school anymore it reminds me of her. She's in ite simei. She taking the facility technology course there. Some of my friends are there too. But what about me? Stuck in Bishan ITE. Zuhairah is in the same ite as me. ;)
My best friend actually wanted to take the business in tourism course,but didn't get it. She fail her interview. They didnt accept her. And,when i try to talk to her,she doesn't want to talk about it. I want to make her happy,but i dont know how to? Since we lost contact,but i still have contact by facebook. Sometimes,when i listens to most of her like songs it will remind me of her! The songs are this is me,fall for you and many more. Come to think of it,i love to sing with her. Even in school,during recess we started by opening songs from my phone! And we started singing! Until the teacher next door,told us to shut up! But we still sing. haha. Is as if we own the world. Haha! Ohkay,then the next big things is during lesson's time also we sing like mad! It's again,when our teacher told u again to shut up! So in the end we had to shut up. We used to walk back together. We take the same bus home. But normally i will always alight at first. She stay's at hougang. And the best part was every Monday we will start school at 830am. And we will have gossip's at macdonals's first before we even walk to school together. We talk about guys and guys. From express classes to our own classes. We even MATCH MAKE THEM! haha. We are will have so many gossip's until we will chat during lesson's time. But,one thing that i never stick to her is during PE time. We had to go on our different ways. Re-take 2.4 is the most stupidest time in my life. Running! Gosh. I hate it. I'm always the last one. haha. I could remember once's that my taecher embarassed me infront of the whole class. He shouted at me to "sit in groups"! When i wanted to go down and rest. But i was "forced" to play badminton" when everybody had one partner already! So embarrasing! And,i hate it! My PE teacher sucks. He asked me to run 2.4 almost every PE lessons.! Can u just imagine that? And lastly he told me that "Farah,I dont ecpect you to pass. Is just that i want to see an time improvement on your running speed"! I was speechless. So,Teacher you asking me to run 2.4 every PE lessons just to torcher me ar?! But,it all finally ended with a big smile! NO MOre suffering! ahaha. After our N Levels,we jump for joy! Yea! NO MOre school for us! It was then our graduation day,and i cried. I just dont want to separate with my friends and teachers. But,indeed i have too. Next OUR N LEVEL RESULTS! I passed! But my math was damn horrible! But i still make it to ITE! And,my best friend was pretty sad,because she couldn't get into the course she wants. It's Ok ayu! Move On! :)

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