Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hand,Foot,Mouth infection can be very futile..

Very well...
Once's again I'm blogging..
Let's start with my niece..(18 months old)
She had Hand,Mouth and leg infection..
Poor girl..
And she had gone to see a doctor today morning (28/10/10)
At Ang Mo kio..
I followed her..
And doctor comfirm that..
No jokes...
At first i taught it might be "Chicken Pox"..
But my sister said that she had her Chicken Pox injection..
And again i taught it was somehow Rashes...
But it got me wrong..
I feel so pity for her..
Doctor say that the redness on her hands,face,legs will slowly go away..
within 1 or 2 weeks..
Just need to take medicine..that's all :)
Speedy recovery for her! :D

Ok now get back to my story!..
I was damn suprise when the doctor told me that,i'm the mother to my niece!
I was with my brother-in-law..(My niece's daddy) (My 2nd sister's Husband)
OMG! I was embarrased! I don't know where to hide my face!.. :$
Suggestions?..Under the table perhaps..or inside my niece's shirt?..'s too small for me to fit inside.. :P
And after that i went outside to wait for the medicine..
Back to home! My brother-in-law,bought for me..
Nasi lemak..One for me and one for himself..
And my niece had to take her medicine..
Atually she can't go out. She had to stay indoor..
Otherwise when she put her hand on the table or anything and other people touch it,
they will get the virus already..
So it's is possible that she stay's indoor..
Guess what? Putting her to sleep,is also putting me to sleep.
I slept with her. Gosh..
I was damn tired..
Until i fell asleep with her..
It was nice to sleep..and it's also give ur body to relax more..
I woke up,feeling hungry..
Suddenly i remember,the Nasi lemak on the table!! Hahaha..
I eat it all up..! Super hungry..
At 2pm i had ice-cream..
Magnolia ice-cream.."Cravio choco nut"..
Yummy! It comes in a packet..
Then i never eat anymore..
Stay fit until dinner time!
Ok,now i have to excuse myself from here..
I need to pass motion..Oh what?..Oh sorry ah!..
After that need to give my niece her medicine!
Ok,peeps~! Cheerios! :D

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