Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm back to say more.
I would like to express my feelings for my bestie
Zuhairah!! She's is so lovely!!
I love her as my bestie!!
Sayang,bbf ya!!
I wana grow up with eu till we grow old.
Dont forget to invite me for ur wedding tau!!
I sure will be the one to do make up for eu..
I put on make up..nice2 for eu..
Then i will chose for eu the wedding package..
the baju pengatin..
then i i will chose for eu ur shoes..
I will sponsor for ur wedding dinner at grand hotel..
Then i'll be the one who will contact our old friends to come for
ur wedding day. On sun.
And i will take ur nikah picture.
And all ur wedding picture..
Andand for ur honeymoon,pay urslef kays??..
share with ur hubby.

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