Sunday, October 24, 2010

I wish i could turn back time,back to when i'm single :(

Why is it hard to forget that someone,who makes you upset and heartbroken,and you even can't forgive that someone at all?..
It's been a year since,it happened..
But still now,that memories are still lingering in my mind..
Why should i kept on thinking about it,where he didnt even exsits in my life anymore..
Why? why?..
I hate guys..
Because of one guy who lied to me..
all my trust about guys are totally fade away..
I admit,i'm attached.
But why is it hard for me to trust him?..
I understand his situation..
but does he understand me?..
I wish i could turn back time,back to when i'm single..
If not all this would not happened..
I regretted..myself..
I promise,this could be my last bf..
If he does anything to hurt me..
That's it..
I'm going to have no more..
That's my promise...
I promise..I promise..
Those who read this..
I,Farah promise that this is the last bf
i had. If he do anything to hurt me,
I'm not going to have no more..

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