Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I wish today didnt even exsist..
I hate today..
I can't even go out with my friend..
I didnt even had the chance.
But i meet her today,for chatting.
Seriously,she has grown taller!!
Goodness! I was suprise.
I accompany her to eat and i after that we go to NTUC to buy
something. And after that go home,buy bubble tea.
Then sit under my void deck and chit chat.
haha. It turns out to be very funny...
My niece keep making us laugh..haha
Then i send her to the bus stop and i saw an ambulance.
I asked her to wave at the ambulance. Hahaha!!
She doesnt even know,who is she waving too.
Then went she saw a baby like her,she smile. haha..then
she say's "bye2"..
haha. I'm wandering if she grow's up,she's going to say the same thing?..
who know's?..
She always make me angry with her!
She's playing with all those current.
Then if she get's electric shock how?..
That's what i'm worried about..
And i would say that little kids like her
dont even know anything.
But if i train her not to do this and do that,she would not do...
Wait until she's already big,it's too late.
Irritating niece.
I have to take care of her everyday tau!!
I'm so tired!! And i'm not even allowed to go out!!!
Arrgh!! If i can turn into a witch,i will definately go out of this house right away!!
I dont wana stay at this house anymore!! sickening!!
Always me,kena scolding..
Never do household also get scolding..
Then if i never change her nappy and bathed her,also get scolding..
I just feeling like crying..
I'm always the one kena torcher..
I feel like running away from this house..
I dont want to see them anymore.
It makes me soo tired..
Everything also i cant do..
:'( my heart is breaking...
Haixx..when is this world going to end for me?..
I just want to be like youths who could enjoy their time
with friends and school..
but why not me?..
I just want to be like them too..
But no one really understand's me..
Not in my situation and they will always dont bother about me..
Sometime,i could be so jealous that my siblings can do whatever they want..
even my brother had a boyfriend,when he was sec 2..
until now,they still attached. And they are getting married this November..
and after they get married,left me alone with mum & dad..
I dont want to be a bird who is stuck in the cage with no freedom..
ARRGHH!! Oh Allah,give me the courage and strenghten to live this life until the day i die..
and make my parents proud of me..

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