Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning blues..


I'm back to blog again as usual..
I just check my facebook.
Suprisingly, i got a comment from my boyfriend..
I really need him to understand me..
Babe,i love you so much..
I promise i will never hurt you..
I love him so much ya know..

Ok,now get back to my story telling session.
I woke up in the morning at 930am.
Shower,and eat breakfast..
Then i have to take care of my niece..
Then i start using the laptop.

Today i have an appointment with the doctor..
@ HPB...what i meant was counselling...
What? Again?..
Yea..if i didnt go for counselling...
next year i wont be able to start school..
I actually have not yet talk to my dad about it..
I'm just afraid that he woudln't allow me to..
How now?..
I think i would be able to handle..
Anw,i have to go..
Cya around soon!! :)

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