Thursday, October 28, 2010

OK,i'm back to blog again..
Just now,i was so sleepy and i slept again with my niece..
haha. I slept in the morning with her,and there again..
I slept in the afternoon..
Ok..i'm here not to blog about my niece! So cut the time out!!

Back to my story..
I think i cant eat breakfast in the morning..
I eat breakfast,i want to pass motion.
What you say?..Oh sorry ah..(sensor abit) hehes..
But seriously..i feel like going to the toliet after eating breakfast..
That'e because of chillie..
Chille makes me got stomach pain..
Nasi Lemak la..
My dad buy nasi lemak sometimes..
Then lontong la..mee rebus la..
How to slim down like that?..

I want to slim down..seriously..
You want to know how i slim down?..
I starve myself. I eat only breakfast
And i skip lunch and dinner..
I really don't know how i could slim down..
That's the only way..
All of i could think..
I dont know what other ways already..
Ok,it's time for me to get excuse from here..
OK,peeps! Byes!

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