Saturday, October 30, 2010

Outting to JB..

Rainy day yesterday cause the tress to toppled down..
The bricks @ the roof top fell down suddenly.
A boy who is my neighbour,witness there is a mini tornado,
which had cause the bricks to fell..
It was lucky that the bricks doesnt fell on people's head or Car
That was parked just underneath the roof top..
I heard the wind blow too..The trees cause a masive jam.
The bus couldn't even turn because of small path..
The police were there to help to make way for the vehicals to move.
Anyway,this is not the story that i'm going to tell you reader's..
This is just the beginning of the topic..hahas!

Here's my story
Today i woke up at 1130am.
I was shocked too see that it was raining..
Wow..what a nice weather to this cold weather..
I slept until i didnt realise it was ll30am..
hahas! I just want to continue sleeping again...
But wait! I can't! My Parents are forcing me to wake up..
And shower,pack stuff! Guess where am i going?..
Grrr! Disturb my peacefull sleep and nice dream..
I left house at 1230pm. Took my aunty's car..
And i reach at woodlands checkpoint at 105pm..
And guess what?..JAM!
And we only reach JB at 2pm..
We go jalan2..
Then eat lunch too..
And after that sit down on corner and chit chat..
And go home..
Way back home,is not that full pack..
Reach home at 530pm..
Then i took shower,and start blogging..
Tonight must sleep early..cause tmr we are going JB again!!
But we are going in the morning @ 7am..
We go for massage at Kulai..and then we are going for a wedding invitation..
@ Kota Tinggi..

What are u asking?...
With who am i going?..
With my aunty's..
In her Car..
Anw,My BF is also going to JB..
But with his friends..
To see movie..
I miss him so much!!
Shhh..dont tell my parents i have bF okays?..
It's not that i want to hide any secrets from them...
I'll them when it's the right time okays?..
And you people dont tell them ohkays?..
I just need the time to see how things are going on..

Guess what i am doing now?...
I'm watching Incredible tales!
From where??
DVD la..

It was so fun! Watching it alone..
But i'm not scared..
Hey! I have to go now! Byes! Tc! C ya ard soon!

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