Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PriMary ScHoOL MeMoRieS!! :)

This picture was taken,when i pass my PSLE!! :D
Can You spot me in this picture?..haha. comfirm u cant! This is my primary school picture. That we used to take. I cant remember their names. But some of them i'm still in contact with. Like DiaNa,NuR FaRaH,SiTi NuRhiDaYu,SuRiaNi,JaNe,ShaWn,RizWaNa,MuHamMad,LuQMaN,FaiZ,RiFaI,AfiDaH,SHeRLy and Not FoRgEttIng MR CHAN!! (Form teacher) and some other's i dont even remember this names! This picture we taken during Primary 4!! It's been,9 years already!! Woah! Time really flies ya..Hmm..when i was in primary 4,i cut my hair really2 short! I look like so ugly! Even my friends laugh at me!! wakaka! That was the funny thing that i could talk about. Haha. And during primary 4 we had streaming exams! Gosh. Studying was the last thing in my mind. Honestly,i dont study at all! But i went for tuition class. In the end fail. Math was so difficult and english was ok. MT is my favourite subject in school! I was then promoted to primary 5 EM3!! I couldnt go to EM2 as my studies are too bad. But it was ok for me. I made new friends from there. haha. Mrs wee,my teacher was the stricker's teacher that i've ever found. She teach us math,english,science,and health education. Gosh! Honestly,i cried EVERYDAY at school. The reason was too simple. I'm afraid of Mrs Wee! She's is so fierce!! Guess what? I only learn my timetable when i was in primary 5!! seriously! I'm not joking. I started from 2 timetable. Then slowly i go up. And one day,i did it!! I managed to memories until 12 timetable! At that point of time,when i begin to learn 2 timetable,5 timetable was the only timetable i knew. The reason? It was easy. Very easy to memories. Anw,i admit that i dont know how to read the time. I cant tell the time. But i learn. My sister taught me. At 1 she used 1 2 3..and to 5 timetable. It was hard for me,but in the end,i did it. I can tell the time now and forever. Soon,my p5 life is over. Up to p6. Same teacher again. Mrs wee. Its our PSLE year. I didnt really study for it. Oh..before i forgot,during p6 we have to take injection. In both arms. Guess what? I admit i cry like crazy. I dont want to have injection. My BF cried too. The worst was chelsia. She cried until got asthma. Goodness. But MRS WEE save our life. She cover our face with her clothes. Until her clothes got wet! This is one of the funniest moments! hahaha..and we ever when to punggol park. We had to walk all the way there. Its not far. But it's one of memoriable moments. We are supposed to investigate what is the name of the flower,when one of my friends asked my teacher "Teacher was is the name of this flower"?..Teacher say's "Go asked the flower la" this eileen with her stupidity asked the flower "Flower ar,what's ur name"? And all of us laugh!! hahaha. And the fun memories that i had,is my birthday! I had goodie bags to give out to my friends. And they sang happy birthday song to me. Ohmy! I was embarrased!! It was my 12th Birthday! PSLE is drawing nearear! I studied and i did my very best. But when PSLE result's came out,i was so upset. I've FAIL. I repeat p6 again. I cried. But i am not giving up. Its not only me who has to repeat but with my 2 other friends. That was the time i meet Hadhinah and zuhairah. They are awesome! They support me to study hard. Best moments?..Oh when we played,snake and ladder! In our school parade square there is a game snake and ladder! We enjoy our game. But Study was the main thing in our life. Finally we are sitting for our PSLE. I did my very best. In the end,i passs!!!! I was so grateful,i thank god for that. Niether i know,dinah and irah go to which school. I didnt had the chance to say goodbye,before we depart. But.....we are together again!! Hmm..sec sch life?..No. Its not fun!! But i meet Jia ying. She's a nice girl!! :D Okies! Outs! cheerios! XD

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