Monday, October 4, 2010

Today, i was supposed to go out with my friends,
but unfortunately, my mum persisted that stay at home
and rest as i just come back from hospital on sun.
I was hospitalised because of accident.
The accident that i got into was a minor accident.
It was hit and run. The car driver who hit me,
just drove off after he hit me. I was flung ya know.
But it was lucky that i cover my face,to avoid injuries
to my face. But i end up have my elbo fracture.
And slight head injuries. And a fracture knee.
It was not serious after all. I was in a great pain.
And i didn't cried. What's there to shed tears?
I have to be brave. Actually i wanted to cry,but the policeman calm me down.
Seriously! He make me laugh with his silly actions. hahaha!
Until the ambulance's arrived, i was attended by the paramedic's.
I was covered like a dummy. Bandage all over!
And again,my tears wanted to come out.
But i hold it back!
The paramedic's again,make me laugh! They crack up a joke,
and they tell me stories about a patient they have pick up.
Here's the story,
"There was this old man,that had been involved in an accident
will he was cycling. It was a hit and run accident. So,when the paramedic's arrived,
they find him all covered with blood. All over his body. They quickly bandage him up and
put him in an ambulance. The old man,is already not breathing. And he still can talk a little bit.
He doesnt' cry at all. But there is something that he wanted to say. He told the paramedic's that
He was on his way to his daughter's place who is sick. He wanted to gave his daughter her favourite dish. But he had met with an accident. And he requested to the medic's to pass a letter to his daughter. But before he could say anything, he took his last breath and he passed away on the way to hospital."
I felt sorry for the uncle,and if it happens to me i honestly say that i'm sorry for all the things i've done in this world. The medic's told me,it's lucky that i'm still alive and they wish me get well soon. Guess what? I'm so touch,and i cried! *I cant hold back my tears*!
Well,from this accident that occurs i've learnt that "No matter how hard life is,always treasure them".
And soon,it's time for me to bid farewell to the medic's. I will never get a chance to see them again,or say thank you.
hmm..i think i saw their facebook. add them or not?
someone give me an answer?...

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