Monday, October 25, 2010

Unexpected things happened to me..
I was sleeping..
When suddenly i had a bad dream..
I dreamt about something i don't wish to happened.
I think it was related to the accident that i saw this morning..
A car and a van.
I saw SCDF and Police trying to control the traffic..
And get back to my story..
Accident always occur..
As human..we can't escape from death..
Everyone will die one day..
No one will ever leave in the world...
As i woke up with alot of sweat..
I was shocked..
I just keep on imgining that what if i got into an accident?..
But i know,i won't..
If i die..i want to die in my family's arm..
If i'm with my friend..i hope he/she will call the ambulance
and stay close to me,before i held my last breath..
And i say..I love you so much..bestie..if i'm gone..pls take care
If it was by boyfriend..
I would say " Babe,i love you so much..Pls dont leave me. Don't forget me too. If i'm gone..u will be alone..Pls take care.."
If it's my family member's..I will asked them to forgive me..for all sins that i have done...
You people might think,why i'm writing this..
haha. Might be it is too write this..
But someday,u don't know what might happened to you..
when you are alone..
Like when uu are crossing the road,when a car knock u down..
Nobody know's..
Anyway..i have something to tell u reader out there..
Do you know what is "ICOM"?
It stands for "In case of Imergency"
Example..when u get into an accident..
and the police need to contact ur family member's and they dont know who to contact?..
Ok here is the deal..
Set this "ICOM" in your phone. Enter the phone no..and the person to call.
Example "98888817" Father"..
Now understand?..
Just do what i say ok..
I already did that..
just for ur own safety..
If u want to listen,listen..if u dont..then dont..
cya around soon!!

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