Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When will i recover?.. :'( I wish this would not happened,if only i listen to my parents. Myself to blame

If today was a fairytale,
I would be telling a tale,
But seriously,
i just feel out of place today
I want everything back.
If i were to listen to my parents,
this accident would not happened.
In this condition,i cant do anything
All i do was to stay in bed and cant walk that
much. I just wander,when will i recover?..
I have nothing much to say at all
It's my fault. I keep on blaming myself for this
But the police told me calm down. It's not my fault anyway..
I wasnt jaywalking.
But i wont let the driver off. I'm going to sue him/her to court..
I dont care! He must pay for it.

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