Friday, November 19, 2010

(L) My LoVe StoRy..& CaRe BeaR (L)

Yo! I just come back from vivo city!

With my sister..

haha. We spend alot! I bought a box to keep my stuff.

A love box. I bought 2 boxes..

Love shapes. One to keep my stuff. The other one is my love stuff.

Then i bought a photo frame. The photo frame is to put my couple

photo's. haha. I love my boyfriend..

I've also bought a care bear. 2 care bears. It's chirstmas sales.

So i grab the chance to buy it. Haha.

It's orange in colour. I bought 2 also.

My love story had just began..

I love my Bf alot.

Next week,i'll be meeting him!


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