Monday, November 8, 2010

Outs to compass point...

Today Zuhairah come over my place (8/11/10)
She come here after school..
At 1plus....
Then she followed me to counselling at HPB..
We took taxi! haha..My dad pay for it..
Then after that we go to compass point...
We walk around the shopping mall..
I decided to go to Comic connection..
I brought Jia Ying's bday present..
She is asking for ss501 i bought
her a ss501 badge..
Then we walked popular where i buy a book..
for me to write in a diary..
It's red in colour..
then we go kiddy palace...
then we go down to eat..
I waited for Jia Ying for almost Half and hour!
She was stuck in the Mrt..
We waited for her at Burger king..
Then she appeared! I had dinner..
Chicken grill burger!
The three of us Me,Zuhairah and Jia ying..
Then after that we go home.
Jia Ying took the Mrt home..irah and me..
took the bus home..
Irah reach home 1 then me..than jia ying.. was fun day for me!
I had a good day,and enjoy what's called life!
Ok,peeps! I'm tired! Byes!

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