Monday, November 1, 2010

PaRt TiMe StuDenT In ITE Next YeaR!!!

Today,i woke up feeling worried..
I couldnt explain how things was going on..
I just want to tell my dad something...
But the sentence's could not even come out of my mouth..
So,i just waited...

My story begins with...
I when for counselling today...
I have a good chat with my counseller..
I told her everything..
From school to life..
I wanted to start school next year,but i dont know what
I could tell my dad about it..
I knew the answer is negative..
I took my plans to tell my counseller with him inside..
Finally,the ans is reveal..
The ans was a "YES"!!
I was so happy...
Before all this could happened..
I waited outside...crying and hoping..
That he might give me an positive ans..
Yes! I applied for a part time student online..
So that i wouldnt feel so stress..
After all..I would be going to school next year!!
yeaa! My dad actually suggest that i go to a private sch..
But i dont want..i dont think they have ite base course..
Might as well i applied a course online..
But now i'm worried..
Cause i dont know,how i get to know if i get into the course..
Bussiness in office..
peeps..I have to go now..c ya around soon!

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