Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rise and shine Princesses!
It's Nov 5th today..
Happy Depavali!! :)
And happy holiday's!!
I woke up at 930am today and
suddenly i felt so cold...
When i look outside..It's Rainning!!
No wander it's very cold..*shiverring*
haha. Side effect from the coldness..
I took a shower,and i had breakfast..
My sister cooks,maggie mee and japenese balls..
I eat it up. Wow! Delicious!!

For my story telling session..
I dont know,what had happened to me nowadays..
Stomach pain is something i ALWAYS have in the morning..
I just dont know why..
I eat too much?..No i didnt?..
It's because that my menses is coming?..
Maybe?..I dont think so cause it's 24 days recycle what..
Not that fast i come menses..
Well,the answer lies within me..
Tsk tsk tsk..
Hey peeps! Got to go for now!

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