Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stupidless shadownight...
How dare he say's i love him?..
Bluek! I vommit blood er!
This person whom i chat with at a chatline...
He is kinda funny...
A funny police officer,whom i shall call "stalker"...
Not me alone,who calls him a stalker..
But many people does..
Since the day i chat with life changes..
everything changes..
I love to chat with him..more about police case..
Just today,i chat with him..but for a short while only..
He's back from work..haha..
sadly to say,he attended a death case too..
When i asked him where is the location..
He didnt even reply me..
I said at "downtown east ar"??
It seems like a joke..but it isnt a joke..
A death is a real thing..
when someone tends to commit suicide..
ehem ehem..
dont get me wrong hor...
I'm not trying to commit suicide ohkays!...

Ok,get back to my story telling session again..
I was busy doing housework today..
I didnt touch the laptop from morning till 7pm..
Now,then i sit infront of my laptop..
And do things,that i'm supposed to do..
Listening to songs..downloading songs..
yea...that is what we normally do..
when we are on our lappy..
I normally can sit infront of my laptop for 12 hours..
I listen to radio from the internet la..
B'day radio..
haha..KC la..
Funny sey..
And at night i listen to MJ12..
"ghost stories"..
I'm not afraid..
cause we should'nt be scared of things..
And i love radio so much..

Let tell u something...
Since,i am attached,my life has turn down..
I dont know,whether my Bf is really2 serious with me?..
haiss..maybe i could be thinking..
that he's playing around?
I want serious relasionship la..
I dont want anything eles..
Just understand my situation,then it is fine..
Haiss..i'm meeting him..on friday..
OMG..i dont know what should i be wearing?..
Black?..with black pants?..
Gee..i dont wana look like a blacky girl..
ok la..peeps..I have to go now..its late night already..

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