Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yaks Yaks Yaks all the way!!...

Hey princesses!
I'm back again here~!
I feel so welcome back here..
Oh what?..I'm not welcome here?..
This is my bloggie ohkay!!

Let me tell you my about my day's..
My day's are doing better!..
You know?..What again??..
You dont know?..
How can you dont know?..
I never tell you is it?..
Now,i'm going to start my story telling sessions..

I come from singapore. I was born in KKH..
In the year of 1992..the year of the Monkey!
And i grew up at hougang estate..
And i shitfed house to serangoon north,
when i was in primary one..
Until now,it's been 18 years since i stay at serangoon north..
This is where i grew up...
From bad to worst..
From worst to good girl..
haha.."Good girl gone bad"..uh..
I havent eat dinner yet..
Hungry you know..
Daddy's going to buy KFC for me!!

You know,yesterday i was chatting in alamak chat..
I laugh so much because of this guy..
And i got adik angkat!
She's 14..
And we are chatting there again tonite!!
And there is this stalker..
He's a PO..
What again??..
Oh no that the teletubbies "PO"..
It's stands for "Police officer"..
He's a very funny guy..
That's why we call him a stalker!
That policeman...is damn a real stalker..
Hey! I made a friend with a 22 year old guy!
Fun sey talking with him!!
what is his name?...
At 1 i taught it was my brothere..
haha..because my brother's name is also IMRAN..
We went on skype..
funny guy sey!
ok la..peeps!
I have to go now..
C ya around soon! Byes! ;0

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