Sunday, December 5, 2010

Being so RandOm..

I'm back again!
It's tiring day..I'm at the hospital visiting my mum for the whole day..
Penat sey. I slept beside my mum. I fell asleep. ahaha. Too tired.
And my mum said,the aunty in front of her,died today 5/12/10..
At 12pm. The aunty is very old already. She can't eat. She has to be fed with only milk from tube. From the 1st day my mum was admitted there,the aunty is ok. But only today,she died. What a day. My kakak,visited my mum at 12pm. Its lucky the dead person had been bought to the mortuary site. :'( My codolenses,goes to the family.

Back to my story,I'm just being Random. Can you imagine,i was on the way to see my mum,and there was a traffic jam to braddell. Accident on lane 1..It was a humid weather and we were stranded in the jam. I'm on the motorbike and the sun sensation,makes my sink burns. And went we arrived at the accident side,i saw 2 taxis collided with each other. I saw blood underneath the cab. OMG! I think the injured person has been bought to the hospital by ambulance. So yeah..It's so terrible. This is like my first time ever saw an accident? ahaha. Time and again i have to eat at the hospital. Kopitiam. I hate it alot. haiss..But what to do? My mum is staying there for another 1 week. :( But she will be transferring to Ren Ci ward. Cause the doctor say's the ward that she is now,resting in is for emergency patiences. She's consider a patient,but she's special. It's already 1135pm at night. It's going to 12am soon. Today,i'll be taking the Mrt to Novena,to see my mum and after that my dad will be taking me for counselling. At SGH. (HPB) My appointment is at 3pm. Haixx..*yawns*..Ok la..peeps. I got to sign off.
See You Around Soon! Buhbye!

PwincessFaFa :D

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