Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello world!!
I'm back again in the blog..
I just wander why i cant download any songs from
It only allows me to download a songs that from 20 sec onwards.
Those bigger files are not allow for me to download them?...why sey?..
hmm..i was just wandering..
but i have another website that i can download songs from.
Its called bearshare. In order to download songs from there,you have to run the software..
And create a profile..then people will add u..then you can listen to songs there,and search songs too.. will take a long time to download..too
but's fast. hehe..

Eh,back to my story..
I feel so tired..i've been going back and forth to the hospital..
Yeah to visit my mum..
I have no choice..later if i never visit her she will feel so lonely..
But she has already transfer to ren ci community hospital..
so there is no problem to that. Visiting hours will be anytime. haha.
So can go in and out for as long as you want too. But u cant make to much noise.
My sister's are working and sofia's back to school after her one week mc.
She's down with fever and running nose. Haizz...kecian.
But she's still so cute! hehe..
I just wander why she is so cute. She loves to run ard like crazy..
When she meets hannah my the other niece who is 6 years old..
she will run ard with her..catching her and fight with her also have..
Fighting among each other is already comment. I know her style..
Fight with what? Toys. When hannah play's with her toys sofia will snatch it away..
seriously..but when hannah is not around,she will call her name..
pethic girl! Even when she doesn't play with her toys,and when i took it and
play with it she will be kpo..then if i never give her the toy..
you know what's next la..
she will cry!! I undestand babies are always like that. But she is not a baby anymore to say. She'a a toddler ;) yeah..already 20months old. She's growing and getting heavy~! Even when i carry her,OMG she's so heavy! hand will break..haha.! Well,i have 2 nieces. But actually i got alot. From my other aunty's..ok la! I've to sign off!

Signing off
PwincessFaFa :)

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