Friday, December 24, 2010

ITE&My Maid..

Hi peeps! I'm back for good...
Today's topic is about My Ite plans..

I've been so uneasy with the results i've got. I got nothing. The results are not yet outs. I was hoping that i could get to cck. But there is another check out on the 30dec to 3dec. So,i'm gonna check it out. Hmm..I think they are putting me into the bussiness course again. I can feel it. Seriously! Why are all this happening to me? I've been waiting for this moment of my life time. I couldn't wait to get the results. Yeah...Oppurtunity is everywhere! If i cant get into ite,i'm going to private school. I'm going in there.

Ok,for now..My maid has already arrived. A few weeks ago. She's very nice to our family. I love her. She clean the kitchen,wash the toliet and even cook for us. As for me,haha! As per usual. I woke up late always. I'm super lazy to wake up early. Later kakak ina,My maid will wake me up at tell me that "Ibu suruh solat subuh dulu"..! I woke up with sleepy eyes. I did my prayer's and get back to sleep. haha! That's me! Ok peeps! I've to go! Byes!

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