Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Life & My Love Life :)

Hello's! I'm back with more info ads.
What? Info ads?
Ouuh..i mean the time of my life lerh..
Haha~! okies!
Let me start by telling about my life.
Life had been doing great. Been listening to songs to
cool me down. Helping my maid to cook. (But in the end,i run away)
hehe. Cause i don't like to cut the vegetables..etc..
And i did my 5 times prayer's. I've been force/told by my mum.
Everytime,when it's prayer's time she will name and asked me to pray.
yeah! I did. Actually i feel better after praying. I belived in Allah. And i'll always do my 5 times prayer's. Thankfully,my maid also pray's. Phewww..
Guess what?..Me and my maid had a good laugh about our guest.
Can u imagine that our guest only arrived at 830pm? It's my aunty's. They come for the sake of visiting my mum. Yeah. My maid actually have to sleep outside. yeah. She got her matress ready. When suddenly.."Assalammualaikum"!
My mum asked her to opened the door. In her heart say's " many people ar"?..then i help her to prepare the tea. And we started to make jokes. There are many cracker's at my home,and we are supposed to give the guest to eat. But they said it's ok. My aunty gave us Curry puffs. So,the refrigerator is so full of things. Can't find the space to fit in those curry puffs. So,we had to eat the ice cream. Left 2 ice-cream. I eat one. My maid eat one. haha! kecoh! Then...we take the potato chips and wanted to give them..and my maid makes me laugh again! She say's "Ambik satu saja ya" Kalau yang kecil patahkan"..Ahahhahaha! I was laughing until i cried. So funny! After the guest left,it was called off a day. Sleep time! :D

Now,talking about my love life...
He's there! I'm starting to miss him loads.
Sometimes,i just feel like crying. But,i know he is close to my heart.
I won't let him go. I promise. I won't make him down. I'll stay close to him
if he needs me. I do love him alot. :)
Baby! If you're reading this entry..
I want to tell u that i LOVE YOU so much. I won't let u go.
You're close to my heart. I'm always here for u. I'll care about you.
You are my ONLY ONE..
I just want to thank you for choosing me as part of ur life and i'm happy to be with you. It's already 2 months that we have been together,and i hope Our relasionship will last even longer. I want to grow old with you. I love you much.
Even words can't express how much i love you. I love you till the end of my life.
The ring that u gave me,i'm wearing it everyday. It will never be taken off my hands,cause in between my fingure's is always stuck to your's. I'll give you something,which you can remember me for life. Everytime,u miss me that little precious thing,will always kept on ur company. :) baby..i'll promise you,one day we meet up kays. I'll not disappoint u again :)..Loves.

FaFaFeatFreaky :)

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