Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random post...

Hey ya teens!
I'm back for good.
Firstly,my mum is still in the hospital..
And i'm at home,doing nothing..
A maid will come. Yes. I'm going to have a maid..
Damn sickening..
Why must we have a maid,for sometime?..
I dont even trust them at all..
Talking about my boyfie..
I love ya know.
I dont want to lose him away...
He's my true love..Only one..
Hey! Talking about it...
The song "Fall for you" by seconhand serenade
Reminds me of him..Seriously sey..
Everytime,when i miss him..the song
will accompany me..
My life is no freedom..
There will be no ending to it..
I hate life!!
But i believe in Allah..
Cause he's always there for me,when i'm in need..
I just couldn't stop crying..cause
of my terrible life.
Hawks! :(
Ok teens! I got to make an excuse to exit from here..
C ya ard soon! Tc teens! Muacks! Love you teens~!

FaFa :D

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