Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This picture. That's what my bestie send me. Yesterday was the day that my friendship with her is over. 28/12/2010.
She broke that friendship,that we built for so long. Without any reason why. I was devastated. Broken. Lost.
It was the last time i heard from her. I couldn't stay strong. I've fail being a friend to her. I don't know what's my mistake. I attempted to safe our friendship,but she keeps on avoiding my solutions. I don't know what else to do. My world is so empty without her. She's always be there for me,when i needed help. She cheer's me up when i'm down. She's like a sister and friend to me. I lose her now. I wish i could turn back the time to the day's that we had those funs. Looking back at our memories,it's been fulfill with those moment's that can never be broken. By laughing,crying and sharing the same hobby that we used to have. Our aim,is to be a Paramedic,which we safe's people's life. She's so humble,cute and respecting me. Even if we used to fight among ourselves,we are still BEST FRIENDS. We are both 18. :) Why is she doing this to me? I love her as my sister too. But things,don't have to end up this way. I guess,i'll have to learn the hard way. I've to be independent myself. I must learn how to live without her. But,i won't forget her. I can't. I'll cry if i remember her face and laughter. I just want her to be back with me again. Haish. It's ok for now. I'll carry on with life,with my love once's. ;) It's time learn how to live on my own. :( I've to go now. C ya ard. Tc peeps.

With loves..

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