Thursday, December 30, 2010

Typically Smart!

Yo! People! :) Princesses & Prince
I'm about to update my blog now.
I just started to update at night,cause i've been busy with
household chores. Helping with the cooking and helping mum.
Today the side dishes is Curry chicken. And it's so nice to eat!
My maid cooks it. <3>
I gain alot of experience in cooking now. Haha. Not that alot.
Yea. I'm just learning how to cook. So,next time if i become a wife to my
husband i'll make sure i know how to cook. Cook what? Chicken! Haha.
My bofie.loves to cook. :) So,i'm learning business. I can actually opened up a stall.
OuR Cooking stall. hehe. Selling different kinds of foods. hehe!

Today,i'll be sleeping late. As per usual. That shadownight will be online tonight for sure.
Everyday he will be online. I'll talk to him about my life and i'll talk to him if i needed the help.
Seriously,he help me alot in my life already. From my haunting life and to friendship. I don't even know how to thank him for that. I feel so paiseh. Always asking him for help. I believed,now it's the time to stand on my own feet. Both legs. Be independent. It's time for me to solved things on my own now. :) A little by little,i'll be able to do it. :)

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