Sunday, January 30, 2011

15 october 2010...It's our first dating. It was a first time,when he asked me to be his girlfriend.
I knew him thru an internet chatline. As i was chatting with him,this feeling of having a "crush" on him linger's on. Call myself a lucky girl,because he asked me to be his girlfriend when we were chatting online in msn. I was over the moon. Might be i'm lucky to have him to be mine. As i was introducing myself to him,and i told him that i'm only 18 years old he told me that he doesn't mind my age and he don't even care about my appearances.As long as i'm with him! I was ok,with it then. We finally meet each other 4 weeks after we have been together. I asked him to meet me at my house. I couldn't go out because my mum is sick. And besides i have my little niece at home,to look after. He understood my situation and he agreed on meeting me at my home. It was a friday and he comes during friday prayer's. Meeting him in person,was the day and moment that i've been waiting for. I was shocked,that he was on his way upstairs to my house. I was not ready at that moment. I look messy all over. And my little niece had just woken up from her afternoon nap. *knock knock*...He's here! I opened the door. I look at him,i smile. My heart beat was racing. :) Overjoyed was the answer. He gave me a ring. Supposingly,i wore it! To cut the story short,he left after we meet for half an hour. I was a little upset. But,he had to go. :) I bid him farewell. My heart starts beating slow. I whisper's to myself "I'll miss you syg" :(.. He left. I see him from far. And from that time onwards i've to admit that i really cried. Call me a cry baby. But i did cry. Seeing him go,it's like it's going to be the last time we will meet. :(... But i told myself,to be calm. I'll definately see him again some other time. :) And precisely,we did see each other again. I hugged him so tight! I miss him so much! :) Well,all i have to say is "Two hearts that beats as one". Now,it's been 4 mths that we've beeen together. I do hope our relasionship will stay on forever as it's will. Nothing can stop us. Only god will. Most of all,he's always there for me,and i'll be with him by his side always. And to my sayang (Khalid)..Promise me that eu won't leave me alone and promise me that eu won't break my heart. :) I love you till death separate us apart. Just remember that i'll will be loving you everyday and hours. :) I understand ur situation and i'll put that lonliness of ur's aside. Just to let u know,that i'm missing you always. You Can Never be replaced in my heart. I would love to hear from you,saying that u love me. hehe. :D Baby,you are always in my heart & Mind & Prayer's. I torn my heart to gave it to eu. Btw,am i ur sweet girlfriend? hehe. :D Syg,i've to go now. I sayang you always. Muacks. Meet soon syg. Anything buzz me aites. Take CaRe. Loves. :')..

With love,
FaFaFeatFreaky (L)

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