Monday, January 24, 2011

About me as per usual..
I've got an accident. But it's slight injury only.
I injured my leg :(..
The driver was not at fault. It was my fault. I was crossing the road,
but i didn't look left and right. I was in a hurry. I'm meeting my friend at woodlands,when that happened. But it was lucky that the driver didn't scold me.
He's at the fault too. He was drink driving = Mabuk. Haha.
Alhamdullilah,i'm fine now. I was being sent to hospital and i was discharged.
I was on cast. And i'm atually working tmr. But it was lucky for me. I'm working on wednesday. :D One day rest at home,before i go to work. Today i feel better,i when to see my boss. At jurong. :) I made my way all the way there by train. It was a humid weather. OMG. So tired. :$

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