Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I went today with hidayati syekin. We went to ITE DoveR. To apply our full time traineeship course. I took Outpatient as a working place. I need to go for the interview..to get the work. Our intake is april intake! So in the mean time i and her wanted to get a job on basics. I'm currently finding for a job. As the days goes on..I'll find a job that really suits me. Maybe i'm doing retail. No experience la. Shitt..! As i was on my way there..to ite dover i nearly fell down. It's because of the slippery floor and it's raining. At last we took a bus to marymount to take the mrt to serangoon. Before we go home,we go to nex serangoon to have some refreshments. Then we sit at the skypark. Nice view ya know! :D I love the view. Kids can play. While we teenager's can sit and chit chat among ourselves there. I can really tell you that,the place is a perfect place for couples to sit and get along with each other. Serious! Is the best view for the top. :) I only got home at 7pm. Woah..so tiring. And i have to upload the pictures that we took at clarke Quay. Haha..We simply had over fun there. And we were sitting at the singapore river. OMG! I was so scared. Cause of the step and we might fall into the river. But alhamdullilah,it goes on well. ;)
And i guess it's very fun cause we had alot of fun during the day! ;)

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