Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Facebook. It's getting bored. As the generation,slows down.
I was suprised to see that facebook had changed alot.
I realised,the games are getting bored. And there many applications,
that's not linking too. I'm getting to tired of using facebook sometimes.
Oh,anyway..i bought myself a new pants and shirt.
My mum bought it for me. So,i did listen.
We went toa payoh today. My sister drive the car.
Haha! Enjoying! Without sofia's presenting around.
I've created my own POSB Bank account. I have my own,POSB card.
Mummy say's that i can keep my bank book already,since i'm already big enuf
and i'm already working. She had that trust in me. I know :D
Well,sometimes we have to appreciate things that have been given to us.
Kakak say's that she is going to check my bank book every month. GEE!
It's not because i don't know how to take care of my bank book. It's because she's afraid that i might spend to thrifty on non-nessasary things. She taught i'm going to spent all my money when i get my pay. Eh? I'm older and wiser to think about it. I know what's right and wrong. I'm Not going to spend too much on things which i don't need. I can save my money,if i need to go to school or i can used them to pay for my expenses..ect! I'll save my money for the future. And married.What?!! Married??! Tsk. Haha. It's too early for me. hehe. Let me finish my desires to achived certain goals in my life. I want to complete my education plus find a suitable job and settle down. And not forgetting my bofie,who's always supporting me all the way! And before i forgot,sayang..pls do tag my blog always. hehe. Love youu. Muacks.! :D Don't worry about me. I'll just be fine and i'll have u in my heart. You take care aites. I'm always here loving you.!
I've to go now! byes!

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