Monday, January 17, 2011

I've gotten a job as a medical staff. :D
I'm working at boon lay. The pay is $5.50 per hour.
The time is from 7.45am to 3.45pm. That's the first shift.
Then i'll have to rotate shift in the afternoon.
3.30pm to 11.45pm..In every 1 month i'll get to rotate shift.
My pay is in every 8 and 30th of the month...
The company i'm working for is "Becton Dickinson"!
My work place is actually near tuas. And still got attire to wear.
Long pants,tshirt and covered shoes. :D
And i'll have transport to send me to work and send me back. :)
I'm so happy! I'll start work next tuesday.
For the first day of worked,i've to make my way there alone.
As for the second day of work,i've a transport to send me to work.
I've to wear jumpsuit for work. ehehe..
I dislocated my left shoulder!...ouuch!..
It's very painful..
I need to rest..bye!

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