Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New YeaR!! :)

Guess who?..That's alvin ng and jeanette aw. Hehee. Serangoon countdown. Handsome right?..
And they are so funny! :)
I had alot of fun during countdown. Didn't i expect to know that there will be alot of people..we have to stand for hours. Until the artist are all out.
My favourite was Hady MiRza! He sang I'll NeVeR LeaVe & Angkasa :) He's so cool! There are MR POLICEMAN on patrol,cause the place was very near to a police post. And the sad moments,when we are enjoying the play's there is a child who lost her way. It's a malay girl. I can't remember what is her name. And she wore yellow tops and orange bottoms. If i can remember larhs. Kecian. Her parents confirm shocked. If i'm her parents,i'll be crying. We are so happy partying..until we didn't realised that it's already 11.59. And we started to count 1 2 3 and so on and so for! And FiReWoRks! Great! I felt like crying! I've to start my new resolutions! :)
Before i go on any further,let me tell u about our Papaya dance! It's so simple! We ALL MUST do in order to get the highest breaking record! :D I enjoy myself there,although i've been so tired standing and there are alot of people around. And the best part was,i got home at 1am. And i slept until 3pm. :D hehe. I woke up i feel feverish. Before i get fever,i swallow panadol..:) And that's all! I'm outs!


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