Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello people! :D Do i look cute?..hehe. Look at my niece..She's so cute with that dress!
That dress is my brother bought for her at hawaii..:) Nice right?..haha. She's so cute! I love the dress that she's wearing. Pink. Suits for her skins. Oh btw,i've to go work on tuesday. I feel so excited. Tmr i must go to yishun and after that go jurong east. :$ Damn tired. Actually i'm quite sad,to leave my maid and mum alone at home. :(.. And if i already started working,i can no longer make jokes with my maid. Laugh with mum and all. By the time i got home,i must be very tired and might sleep early. :(.. But nvm,i still have another day's to joke around. All the best to me! :D

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