Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello! Sawadicap..
I'm full of stories to be donated to my blogger. I'm just get back with my family.
We went for dinner. My sister's birthday. We just eat at Amk. Mr Teh Tarik. :D
Full of enjoyment. My whole family gathered again. Since,then our family bonding is getting closer. We not just eat,as we also chatted about our lives. Like,
was going on at work or home. As for me,as per usual i'll talk about my current life. Like i told them that i've gotten a job and i'm making my first move. They said,it's good that i've start to be independent myself. And my sister's even said "Congrastulation to me"! As for me,finding a job is not easy because of the skills the company enrolls in. I work not only for myself,as i'm working to support my family financial's and errr..*Not to say now* hehe..
I'm currently missing someone right now. I wish i could be there with him?..
But,i know he's always there for me. :D I love you honeybunch! Muacks! You remain in my heart. Orite people! Time to sleep! Good night! Sweetdreams! My love,the stars is sending me my good nite kisses to u :)

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