Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I don't know what eles i could do now..
It's been 3 years since it all started..I don't have to repeat what happened for the last 3 years on this day. (12/01/11)..*I'm getting restless*...Asking myself "Should i say it or should i don't"?...My instints tells me "Not to tell"?..Buttt whyy???.. I don't know? I'm actually don't know what i'm thinking...right now? My mind is blank..I'm writing in this blog and i'm watching the news...My hands are trembling cold..My body temperature is high. I'm so cold..Brrr..! I know,i'm falling sick soon.! :'( I took my temperature and it read's 38.7 degree. :( FeVeR!!
I played in the rain to much or i think too much until i ran down with fever? Or i miss Youuu?..I think i better rest now. Ok peeps! :D see ya ard :D

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