Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm still waiting for the call. It's already been 2 days.
That pizza hut manager want's a taste of the rotan from Zuhairah.
Hahaha! She's the want who sms me "If he never call,we go there and rotan the manager's head". Then she said the doctor will gave him "5 years MC"..Ahaha!
I said,why never give 10 years mc? 5 years not enough to cover his face for shameless. :$ Nyahaha! I'm just joking.
But seriously,the manager haven't called me up yet. I'm still hoping and praying that he will call. Please..I need a job desperately. :D
Well..let's put this aside and get back to my story telling session.

I know,what i did was super wrong. I left my diary on the dining table.
And my dad read it. OMG! My heart beat was beating so fast. I wrote about my
past life in my diary. I even wrote about my ex bofie and what he did to me until i got hurt deeply in my heart. I even said that i was about to end my life,which i didn't do it at all. The reason why i broke up with him? He cheated me of my feelings. I found out soon that he had gone steady with my friend. I even saw them along amk macdonal's. My heart sank like titanic. :'(.. At the point of time,i was really2 dump and hopeless. I was asking myself,why did i fell for a guy who had cheated on me? I should even reject him in the first place. I was taken away with his sweet words of promising me not to leave me. But in the end? He had been contacting another girl behind my back. I don't understand why is he and she doing this to me? I taught i can treasure my friendship with her. But now i can't. Even it took me years to forget about him. Even my other friends kept on asking me to forgive her. All i have to say is i'm sorry,i really can't forgive her. If you people were in my shoe at the point of time,you woul'dnt feel what i feel at that moment. It's like being slap by the wind. It happened 2 years ago. I can forget the past,but i can't forgive. Now,i found my true love. I waited for 2 years,for someone who really cares and accept me for who i am. For that 2 years,i've been searching for my mr right. And finally i found one. I know,god has given me the best and i promise to treasure every single moment that i had with him until i held my last breath. My love for him will never fade. I'm always here with him if he needs me. I'll grow old with him. I'm praying to god,that our relasionship will last forever. Insya allah :)

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