Sunday, January 9, 2011

A laughter with smile

I'm back!
Saturday. 8/01/11 was the day that i saw my bofie at his own house.
I woke up at 10am. Get ready and left my house at 1130pm. I made my way to serangoon central MRT station to take Mrt. Along the way i sms him that was on my way there. And i forgotten to bring something for him. :( I told myself that it's ok. I'll give it to him went we meet again. :) So,once's i arrived at serangoon Mrt i took the train to paya lebar. Then changed to East West Line to Aljunied. It took me 20mins to reached. To cut the story short,he picked me up at the MRT station and bring me to this house. But,before that i brought macdonal's for lunch. And eat at his home. The purpose i went to his house,is because his mum wanted to see me. Chit Chat time. And he makes me laugh alot. He is so funny larh! I stayed over at his house until 4pm..And i got a shocked call from my little cousin. She called me,and said to me "Kakak,are u going to kkh"?..I was shocked?! What kkh? And i asked again.."who's admitted there"? And i got to know that my nepfew undergo operation. So,i told her that,i'm going over. So,i left the house and he send me to the bus stop and i took bus service No 67 to kkh. I sms my cousin,if once's she reach there,she will call or sms me. But i got responses. So,i taught that my aunty haven't arrived yet. But to my suprise,they reach the hospital before i do. haha. I saw them at the main lobby. My aunty taught i was joking that i really visited my nepfew. yes. I really come. So,i actually haven't told my mum that i visited my nepfew. But in the end,i told her the truth. Nothing but the truth. Pheeww..Lucky she didn't scold me. haha. So,again i had dinner. Macdonal again. This time round i eat MCBISTRO. Haha. I chat with my little cousin. And we stayed there until 830pm. My uncle send me back home in a lorry. OMG? My first ever time sitted in a lorry. At the back. My uncle drove the lorry so fast! From kkh to geylang via changi flyover. OMG! We got to see the singapore Flyer. :) Nice view. At night. So,my uncle asked me to go eat first then go home. I shared my meal with my cousin. At last,i feel like vommiting. Cause of eating to much. But i didn't. My uncle suggested that i slept over at their place. And my cousin was too overjoyed! Biase lah..we are VERY*5 CLOSE. I can tell u,everytime when we meet each other we will stick. BEST COUSIN!! And she's only primary 5! :D The reason why we are that when she is small i'm the ONE who take Care of her. Feed her milk and foods. I'm close to her 1 sister too. When her sister is small,my mum is the one who looks after her. Cause her parents are working. :) So,there is a cousin bonding seen there. So,me and this cousin of mine are very close. And i slept in her brother's room!! arrgh! Malunye aku! Dier balik pukul 330pagi tau!! Bukak lampu lagy! Aku dengan adik dier dah la terkejut! :) Aku ingatkan hantu mane yang masuk! Tsk3! And dier terpakse la tdo di living room hor. Kecian. You know what time we slept? I and her slept at 1am. Watch tv! In her brother's room. Ish! Seumur hidup aku,aku tak pernah tido bilik lelaki!! :) Expect when i'm small larh. kena share bilik dgn My abg! :) hehe.

Eh,i miss her la. I just got back from there 4hrs ago. Baru balik,dah rinduuu...
ish! :(.. I want to sleep at her house again la.! Shoik! Malam2 buat kelakar kiter dua. Sampai dier tido tendang aku. Andand dier ade bad dream. ish! haha. Tapi seronok sey! But she will be sleeping at my house during her school holiday's.!
Nur Hazwani bte jani!! kakak farah rinduuu youuuu so muchhh! :(
You made me smile when i'm with you. You made me laugh with your jokes. You make me smie again when i'm down. You are everything! :) Best cousin's forever okhays! :D

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