Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's start the day with a smile :)
That's what i wrote on my facebook,status this morning.
I can't sleep this morning. I woke up around 3am. Then,from there onwards i can't sleep anymore. I toss and turn on my bed. I tired to close my eyes,and i started imagining things which can never happened. Suprisingly,i got a bad nightmare. I kept on waking up. But still trying to get a peaceful sleep. I only slept at 530am. Until 11am. By the time i wake up it's already lunch time. I read newpaper and nothing eles. I did my prayer's and after that i started to on my laptop. Today is monday,and i got nothing to do. Besides,it's raining. I taught of going out with my friends. But there is only the 3 of us. Zuhairah,Hadhinah and Me. It's not fun. Zuhairah suggested that she asked Magdelene,Eileen,aiman,Eugene along. But some of them are not free today. Irah is not free tmr and wed. I'm so not that free on wed. Alot of things to do on wed.
Oh,btw my niece is starting school tmr. :) She's in primary one. Edgefield primary school. Haha. Just a few mintutes walk to school. Her school is just a few blocks away from her house. But i call that so "Garfield" Primary. hehe. It sounded alike. I like her primary school. Her uniform is a dress i guess. Or white tops and red skirt. And her school only allows black shoes. No White shoes. And for pe shirt is different. And everyday after school,she has" school student care centre"..
Which means,she has to stay until evening. It's because both of her parents are working. So,they can only fetch her in the evening. :) Happy schooling Hannah! :D Study Smart! :) She's 6 years old,and she's so tall. People can think that she's in primary 3. Serious! :)

OK,i'm outs! Cheerios! Xoxo! :)

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